Work as software developer and image processing engineer
- Engagement at mevisco GmbH & Co. KG, 2015-2022


The mevisco GmbH & Co. KG is a company specialized in camera-based inspection systems for the automation industry. Work as a software developer and image processing engineer at mevisco included:

  • Invention and development (hardware, software, integration) of a robust and fast optical technique for inspection of reflective or semi-reflective surfaces
  • Development of the end product Surface Inspect based on this technique
  • Development of software modules, e.g. for image aquisition / processing, network communication, and implementation of algorithms in C#, Octave, Python, C++ and Delphi
  • Design and setup of camera systems (optics, camera hardware, software, mechanics), execution of lab tests
  • Counselling and project acquisition with existing customers and at trade fairs
  • System configuration, commissioning and repair at the production sites