Work as researcher, algorithm and software developer
- Engagement at BIAS GmbH, 2010-2014

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The Optical Metrology and Optoelectronic Systems department at BIAS provides fundamental research and industrial implementation of optical measurement and testing techniques. Work performed at the geometric-optical metrology group at BIAS as a researcher, focussing on building, optimizing and working with Phase Measuring Deflectometry (PMD) and Fringe Projection measurement systems included:

  • Software development for existing geometric-optical measurement techniques and single-handed design of optical systems and algorithms for new techniques (Monoscopic Axially Distributed Sensing , Hybrid Reflectometry)
  • Customer requirements analysis and customization of setups / algorithms
  • Acquisition of projects with industrial partners and publicly founded projects

Serving as the expert on PMD algorithms and industrial applications at BIAS, the technologies and current developments were presented in scientific publications and conference talks.