Video Billiard / Memory Room
- Projekt work @ meso Frankfurt , 2005/2006

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'Video Billiard / Memory Room', a video jukebox, was on display at the MARTa museum in Herford, Germany, showing video footage by its creators, the Berlin based industrial design bureau Vogt+Weizenegger. Selecting the videos by topic and time and choosing the way they are presented is controlled by moving billiard balls on a custom designed pool table. For the media system design bureau meso in Frankfurt which handled the technical implemantation, three software plugins where developed - the plugin ColorTracker was used for determinating the ball's positions out of a video stream showing the pool table. The plugins where developed for use with meso's video systhesis environment vvvv using the FreeFrame SDK and OpenCV library. After setting up and testing the camera, ColorTracker was used in vvvv; the object positions where internally passed to a video selection and synthesis module in vvvv. At the museum, the setup was installed and calibrated. (pool table photo by Max Wolf)

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